Yapple Yogurt:

On Main Street corners in Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania lurks Yapple Yogurt—the quirky and irreverent brand that turned out to be one of my all-time favorites. Yapple’s ads, littered with the skeletons of unicorn piñatas and rubber chickens, rely on the belief that there’s no reason too small—or too absurd—to celebrate. The following series of coupons was distributed at Rowan University.

Canisius College:
Canisius is a private Jesuit college in Buffalo, New York that boasts an academically rigorous and experiential curriculum. But small and relatively unknown outside of New York, Canisius needed help to define its identity and elevate its perception in the eyes of potential students. I worked to craft a big, bold brand for the small college. Part of my work with Canisius involved the following billboard campaigns. Composed of two different styles, both concepts focus on Canisius' commitment to helping students explore and graduate creative, capable individuals.

I also worked on Canisius' new viewbook. Interspersed between informational pages, these spreads give a first-person glimpse into life at Canisius. They simultaneously explain the college’s Jesuit roots while emphasizing its uniquely comprehensive college education:

Loyola University:

After crafting a new brand concept for Loyola University Maryland’s new viewbook, I wrote the following spread about some of their exceptional alumni. This storytelling approach helped capture Loyola's inspiring, challenging, and supportive tone; it is warm and friendly without sacrificing rigorous academic expectations.

Friends Select School:

I got to switch gears from my work on universities to craft a new brand for Friends Select, a private K-12 Quaker school in Center City, Philadelphia. I refocused the Friends brand on active learning, student individuality, and its unique ties to Philly. This particular viewbook spread showcases Friends' unique approach to educating grades K-4.


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